How a swim season works (in the UK)

by James Nock — in


To many, a lot of the below will be blindingly obvious I'm sure - but I thought it worth writing down for anyone that doesn't know.

The swimming season runs inline with the school year, September → July, and for those at the top of their game it continues into August.

Below is a table of what happens when:

When What Why
September → October Skills and basic fitness improvement Foundational skills are necessary to build fitness on top of
October → January Fitness improvement and focus on Short Course competitions County Championships are in February/March
January → April Fitness improvement and speed development with focus on Long Course Competitions Regional Championships are in April/May
May → July Fitness improvement and speed development National/British Championships are in the Summer
August → September Rest, recovery and holiday time Because humans need this

Swimmers that don't qualify for pathway competitions (County / Regional etc.) still tend to follow a similar season plan because they are still focussing on getting fitter and faster in the hope that they'll get there next season/one day.

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