Humans are lazy and this is why you suck

by James Nock — in


For the vast majority of us, life really is very easy these days. Yes, we may have money worries or the car might have just failed its MOT but we don't have to hunt for our food or walk for miles to get water. We really do have it good. If we need to know something, we look it up on our phone. If we need to eat and can't be bothered to walk to our own kitchen, we can have someone bring it to us within minutes at the click of a button.

A huge proportion of us, sit down, drive to work, sit down all day, get back in the car, drive home and sit down again. And then when all that gets too much we lay down and go to sleep.

Humans always look for the easy way out, the quick win, the 'efficient' way of doing something. But as athletes, we have to be different, super-human almost.

Swimmers constantly have easy way outs:

  • When pushing off a wall shall we go under water and kick or just come up and take a breath?
  • When taking our last strokes into a wall before a turn shall we keep our head down or breathe on our last stroke into the turn?
  • When swimming Frontcrawl shall we pull right through to the back or exit early?
  • When we're in a hard set, shall we slow our kick down or power through?

I could go on.

That's if we even get to the pool. "It's cold/dark/wet outside and I'm all comfy inside, maybe I'll just skip the session". No. Stop being lazy, get off your backside and get to the pool.

Don't let your laziness get the better of you, you're better than that.

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